Load Calculator

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Load Calculator

Calculate the required inverters and batteries for your office or house hold appliances load.

Item Load (W) Quantity Wattage (W)
Tube Lights
LED/LCD < 42"
LED/LCD > 42"
Sound System
Fridge (165-259 ltr)
Fridge (250-350 ltr)
Fridge (350-450 ltr)
Fridge (450+ ltr)
Deep Freezer
Electric Stove/ Induction
A/C (1 ton)
A/C (1.5 ton)
A/C (2 ton)
Misc.1(eg Toaster,etc)
Misc.2(eg Halogen lamp,etc)
Misc.3(eg Laptop, Game console,etc)

Total Wattage (W)

Rate ₦(Kwhr) Average usage(hrs/day) Est. yearly cost ₦

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ATTENTION: Please Note; All load caluclations and electrical billing are estimates and for experimental purposes, and the above statement is only liable to the extra cost of running your power generation cost, which includes maintainance fees. The company ie "D2H LIMITED" or it's representative brands are hereby not legible to any misinterpretation or none due dilligence of the web visitors usage of this web application.

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